JavaScript is a new Java

Back in 2003 I was working in a company called Systinet. I was fascinated by the momentum that was happening around the Java programming language. Java was a language which innovations were made. Most of a new libraries, tools and programming attitudes were developed in Java.

Later, Java was replaced by the Ruby On Rails framework.

And now we are witnessing another change. Today’s main innovation language is JavaScript. It has two forms – in a web browser and on a server (by using the amazing Node.js).

Just look around. You can see EcmaScript6npm, bower, webpack, React, Facebook Relay and GraphQL, Netflix Falcor and much more.
It is not one of those ugly languages anymore that anyone tried to avoid and that has to be tested in every possible browser.

And still some Java programmers don’t want to understand that they are now dinosaurs.

Of course, if a language is on the innovation wave, it means that the changes are so fast that you pick one technology, it is likely to be obsolete tomorrow. This can’t happen in Java anymore 🙂

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